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Sample Content

Teaching Guides

Instructors Successfully Plan and Effectively Execute a Course


Today, many instructors possess more experience in the field than in the classroom. Cognicata has developed teaching guides for various subject matter which contain detailed lesson plans, relevant chapter activities, practical homework suggestions and helpful teaching tips for instructors to utilize when planning a course, teaching content, and evaluating learning.

Video Scripting & Production

Video Scripting & Production

Many organizations are augmenting their textbooks and eBooks with supplementary and/or flipped classroom videos. It is important to cover as many learning styles as possible when writing the associated video scripts. Note how the use of color as indicated in the annotations will serve to support the audio and visual representations associated with word building.


This detailed planning during script creation translates into seamless video production. Our writers are educators with diverse backgrounds whose collaboration creates accurate and engaging scripts. This educational foundation is then applied to the development of a corresponding video series. Click the video below to see an example.

Animated Marketing Videos For National Organizations

Animated Marketing Videos For National Organizations

Video is quickly becoming the preferred medium marketing teams use to communicate with prospects and customers online.  After revamping a series of courses for the client to ensure increased student engagement, we were tasked with creating a fun and informational video, using client selected voices, to  pique the interest of potential participants.

Professional Development Articles

Professional Development Articles

Implementation of the Common Core standards requires teaching research skills to students in grades 3 – 5 which allows them to create an independent product that can be presented either orally, in writing or utilizing multimedia. To that end, our client tasked us with writing a six-module course that included journal articles and book excerpts from their publications, as well as an original article from Cognicata, for each of the six modules. This article was written by Cognicata as an introductory reading. The focus of the introductory module is inquiry in the elementary classroom.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Elementary school teacher helping pupil

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards” (France, 1932).

Children are innately curious, and this curiosity naturally leads to inquisitiveness. Some educators hear the term inquiry and automatically think science. However, inquiry is what naturally creates the need to know. In all subject areas, this natural inquisitiveness needs to be recognized and nurtured. Yet, “…being questioned about anything often leaves some of us feeling uncomfortable. We are threatened by questions, fearing loss of control of the decision-making process or over the entire situation (Barell, 2003, p. 7). Often teachers mistakenly think that “good teachers” know all the answers. However….

Improving the eLearning Environment

Improving the eLearning Environment

One of the ways we improve the eLearning environment is by working during the content development stage to reduce cognitive load. Watch this short video for a synopsis of this widely accepted and important psychological theory.


Challenging Learners without Cognitive Overload

ParkerIn a traditional learning setting, participants engage in small group activities that allow them to be immersed in real-world or facilitator-created scenarios to exchange ideas and apply what they have learned.

While creating content, we not only design our e-learning environments with our participants needs in mind but also include as much interactivity as possible.  This is accomplished through scenario-based learning. We ensure  the context of each scenario is realistic and manageable in an effort to decrease the cognitive load.

This sample simply shows how we introduce participants to a character within a scenario-based module to draw the participant into the content as well as allow them to apply what they have learned in a nonthreatening manner. So take a moment and meet Parker, you may see her around your campus!

For more information on these and additional sample content, click here

Core Competencies

When you partner with Cognicata you are working with professionals who have a passion for quality and learning. Our core competencies highlight the skills and practices that underline every project on which we work and every program we manage. Our approach is holistic. We collaborate with experts in their respective fields to ensure that we provide our clients with a product or service that is best-in-class.


    During our analysis phase, we help determine the content format (or formats) that ensure seamless integration with any pre-existing content, Content Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS), online, print or internally authored system.


    Assuring participant understanding is a very important component of our services. We provide knowledge checks, formative assessments, or summative assessments as requested to support content.

  • Program & Project Management

    Programs succeed if component projects succeed. Our ability to complete projects on time and within the budget allows us to provide a competitive edge for our customers. Program management allows us to resolve inter-project priorities, dependencies and risks.

  • Content Development

    Our Instructional Designers work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create new content and supplementary materials to support pre-existing content.

  • Consultation

    Effective consultation involves commitment and collaboration during the planning and development stages.


    Although we utilize Instructional Designers in the development of content, we incorporate subject matter expertise in the analysis, design, and QA phases of our projects.