Who We Are

One spring day, a few colleagues began to think about our lives and what we could contribute to the world collectively. With our many years of study in science, education, engineering, mathematics, information technology, assessment creation, and professional development, we decided to form a new educational company.  We determined our primary mission should be to facilitate end-user understanding of content without diminishing the subject matter.

We felt that our new organization should function within other organizations similarly to how a catalyst functions within a living organism. Just as many catalyst speed up the rate of a chemical reaction without taking part in the reaction, we too wanted to lower the activation energy learners needed to exert in order to increase their cognition without modifying our client’s pre-existing content.

We decided we should partner with our clients to provide a “convenient surface” for their content to be placed, analyzed, and ingested by end users. That surface could take the form of supplementary materials like instructional guides, PowerPoint presentations, animations, web-based trainings, assessments or any other instructional tool designed to enhance the content and empower learning.

As we thought more deeply about forming a new organization, we determined that we wanted to become “cognition catalysts” and Cognicata \kog-NI-ka-ta\ was born.

Our Vision

To establish a work environment for learning and development experts that supports life balance while creating quality educational products for clients.

Our Mission

To create content and supplementary components for our customers that add value to their existing products or brand and improve the end-user experience without diminishing the content or related concepts.

Our Core Values

Ethics & Integrity
We strive to meet the highest ethical standards with our customers, peers and contractors. Our ethics will guide every decision we make daily. Achieving a high standard of corporate governance is impossible without trust, integrity and honesty as chief cornerstones firmly rooted in the foundation of long lasting relationships we expect to foster with our customers and partners.

The 21st century affords us many advantages – chief among them is the ability to work and foster new relationships with people a stone’s throw away and people thousands of miles away. This real-time communication allows for more rapid product/process development and deployment.  The end result is a high quality solution borne out of smarter work by talented individuals.

We will choose the best people for the job, use well established industry practices and when faced with new challenges, we will overcome them through strategic planning, innovation and collaboration.  We are committed to quality control and will employ in-process checks and final checks to ensure all work meets the highest possible level of quality.

We work for our customers and value what’s right for them. We want our customers to know they are important to our continued success and that we value and care for them.